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Since January 2020, all services are provided by my company Jayid. Please, check for more details.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Startup, eCommerce or retailer? I can help you succeed in the digital world.

  • Trainings & Workshops

    Training & Workshops about PPC, Facebook, Customer Success, SaaS & digital business for you or your team.

  • Digital Marketing audit

    Are you wasting money on PPC advertising? I can help you find where.

  • Speaker

    Speaking of marketing, SaaS, Google, Facebook or eCommerce? I'm lovin' it!

My Journey From Digital to SaaS

  • 9+ years

    spent in digital marketing. Specialist in an agency, in-house marketing manager and freelancer. Features change, principles don't.

  • My own business

    I started my business from nothing and served over 100 clients. Entrepreneurship is not a job for me. It is a mindset.

  • SaaS is a ride

    Got absorbed in SaaS ecosystem. Built a regional commercial team from 0 to 10 people with over 100%+ growth in revenue.

  • Sharing is caring

    100+ Worskhops or Trainings, YouTube channel WeSpeakDigital with 80k+ Views, 2+ years of classes at the University of Dubai.


I don't just work. I deliver results.


    "Lukas provided outstanding support through White Friday and from our collective effort, we have broken every record and have exceeded targets!"

    Warrick Godfrey,
    Regional Marketing Director

  • GoPay

    "Lukas always comes with new ideas how to improve and scale our online marketing up. We cooperate remotely and I assume it to be very effective."

    Frantisek Rehor,
    marketing manager

  • GPS Dozor

    "Lukas helped us in optimizing PPC campaigns. Thanks to his contribution, we have seen an increase in orders in 3 markets."
    Ing. Oldřich Škranc,
    marketing manager
    TLV s.r.o.

  • Agender

    "We love how Lukas is flexible and result oriented person. He meets all the deadlines and is simply a professionalist in his field."

    Petra Janickova,
    Business Leaders Forum

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Please, contact me via website.




Lukas founded Jayid after helping 100s of businesses both in MENA and Europe with digital marketing and building regional offices for international companies.

He’s passionate about developing others and his vision is to unlock digital for every entrepreneur and business in the world.

Visit to find out more.

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