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About Lukas

I am performance oriented digital marketer currently on a mission of moving MENA digital market forward. Being a certified professional in Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising plus experience from campaigns for 100+ companies give me huge ammo for my mission. Currently, I lead MENA team in ROI Hunter, Facebook Marketing Partner. Our job is to make marketer's life easier with help of our SaaS platform and strategic consultancy.

3 big steps I did in 2017

From business perspective, 2017 was the year of change. After 6 years my daily job totally changed. I jumped to the wild water and tried to swim and surf the best I could. It was far from perfect, I hardly kept my head above the water. But I survived and now I’ve got time to […]

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Facebook ads: conversion optimisation

Conversion optimisation is a nice feature in Facebook Ads. It sounds like a dream: Facebook will deliver your ad to users who are more likely to convert. The reality is usually more complicated. Let’s take a look how it works.

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4 highlights from Marketing Festival 2016

Being digital marketer in Dubai has one disadvantage: there is lack of events with valuable, inspiring content. Therefore we have to travel literally all over the World to stay in touch with latest digital trends. Last weekend I was in Ostrava, Czech Republic attending Marketing Festival – world-class digital marketing event. How was it?

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Facebook Ads Guide

This is supposed to be the first and last post you need to bookmark about Facebook Advertising. Every week I read articles about new features and best practices. Two weeks later these posts are too old. Here’s the ultimate Facebook Ads guide linking to the most important information about Facebook advertising. This guide is being […]

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How to structure Facebook DPA campaigns

Dynamic remarketing is the key to success in Facebook performance marketing. It allows you to reach the relevant audience with tailored message. Usually, you target the user in the last part of his buying process which makes DPA the best performer in terms of ROI. These are best practices for DPA campaign structure.

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How to optimize your Facebook Advertising Bidding?

If you want to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns you need to work with bidding, budgets, targeting or creatives. In this article I am going to show you ho to edit your bids to achieve better results from your Facebook Advertising.

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3 reasons why you should give FB Ads same love as AdWords

I’ve had a chance to meet more than 40 marketers during my workshops and speak with them about Facebook Ads. Doesn’t matter if they were working for biggest ecomm players or for an agency I’ve noticed one point: sometimes we disregard that Facebook Ads work in a similar way as Google AdWords or any other […]

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Huge numbers of conversions in your Facebook Reports? You’re not alone.

Few weeks ago Facebook changed a small piece of reporting. This small change means that lot of advertisers are seeing huge numbers of conversions which don’t represent the number of your goal completitions. Here’s the way how to find numbers you are looking for. What’s the issue? Most of advertisers are using only default reports […]

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Instagram Ads – all you want to know & much more

Advertising on Instagram is live for all countries since October 2015. Everybody can now place an ad on Instagram through Facebook advertising platform. Let’s take a look how it works and what’s possible there.

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Why do you kill your PPC efforts with bad landing pages?

There are many reasons why your campaign could fail. Wrong targeting, broad keyword matches, furious bidding, insufficient budget or boring ad copy. Beside of these we very often forget one underrated campaing killer: landing pages.

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