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3 big steps I did in 2017

From business perspective, 2017 was the year of change. After 6 years my daily job totally changed. I jumped to the wild water and tried to swim and surf the best I could. It was far from perfect, I hardly kept my head above the water. But I survived and now I’ve got time to […]

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4 highlights from Marketing Festival 2016

Being digital marketer in Dubai has one disadvantage: there is lack of events with valuable, inspiring content. Therefore we have to travel literally all over the World to stay in touch with latest digital trends. Last weekend I was in Ostrava, Czech Republic attending Marketing Festival – world-class digital marketing event. How was it?

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UTM parameters – measure as much as you can

One of the most favourite advantages of digital marketing is that we can measure it well in comparsion with offline channels. Although that many of marketers don’t use even basic possibilities they have. One of these are UTM parameters.

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