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3 reasons why you should give FB Ads same love as AdWords

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I’ve had a chance to meet more than 40 marketers during my workshops and speak with them about Facebook Ads. Doesn’t matter if they were working for biggest ecomm players or for an agency I’ve noticed one point: sometimes we disregard that Facebook Ads work in a similar way as Google AdWords or any other PPC system.



My friend, experienced PPC specialist is used to tell me: “Leave this Facebook for children and focus to real PPC“. Yeah, it’s funny except that the more I work with FB Ads the more I see that this is nothing else than real PPC. It just needs some time. Time to let marketers become friends with the fact that Facebook Ads is just another PPC discipline. It needs time since shoddy campaigns won’t work and you will have to give them as much love as you’re giving to AdWords today. Here are 3 similarities which could help you to take Facebook Ads little more serious.

Facebook Ad set is your AdWords keyword.

Do you use only 1 broad keyword in your AdWords campaigns? You probably don’t. Even the worst campaign I’ve ever seen used at least 4 or 5 broad keywords. And if you do your job you definitely use much more keywords in different combinations and match types. It took some time to pick the right ones but it worthwiles. Do the same with your FB Ad sets.

To create Facebook campaign with just one ad sets, targeting UAE, age 20-65, desktop&mobile together is literally as useless as creating AdWords campaign with keyword ‘electronics’ in broad match. Simply said, it doesn’t work.

Think about it the same way. As you every day look for your unicorn keywords, you need to keep looking for your unicorn ad sets with unicorn audiences. Unfortunatelly, you can’t find them without testing.

Prospecting has worst performance than remarketing. Even on Facebook.

You run display campaigns in AdWords, right? You created campaign for GDN with banners or text ads targeting some new audience. Next to this prospecting campaign you probably run remarketing. Do you expect same ROI from these 2 campaigns? I guess you don’t.

You’re not surprised when AdWords prospecting and remarketing have different performance. It’s not surprising that remarketing is taking most of conversions. Afterall this is the reason why you have remarketing. To finish the job started by prospecting. To force users to convert. That’s the way it worked in PPC for ages and this is the way how it works on Facebook. Don’t be surprised with remarketing having greater ROI comparing to prospecting.

The purpose of prospecting is to drive me crazy traffic. If I target good audience it will convert sooner or later. Later, I’d say. We all know that today user needs more than the first visit to make a purchase. Remarketing’s to-do is to bring back users who haven’t converted during their first visit. If remarketing does its job, I can expect high number of conversions and great ROI in my reports while I can’t expect the same number for prospecting. It’s to-do is different. “Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree“. Not even on Facebook.

By the way, there’s a big advantage for FB Ads remarketing. It doesn’t rely on patchy cookies but it works wit user ID. You won’t lost the user once he change the browser or device anymore.

“Facebook ads are unoptimisable.”

As well as AdWords, my friends: if you use 3 broad keywords in 1 adgroup with auto-bidding, you’re in trouble. Your client won’t get results and he won’t be happy. You’ll loose this client. Your boss won’t be happy, you’ll be fired and your wife won’t be happy.

It will be the same story if you use only 1 broad ad set on Facebook. You don’t want to repeat the story, do you? Just do it in a better way and make people happy. Segment, test and optimise. This is all what you need to do.

Read this article once again and recreate your FB campaigns. Segment. Segment by age groups, segment by gender, segment by placement. After this you can start optimisig. You will do the same as you do every week in AdWords: check what is performing how, turn off / on, edit bidding or budgets or adverts.

Tip: Does it seem as a hard job in Power editor to create all these segments? Try ROI Hunter. It will save hours of your marketer’s life.

It is understandable that people are afraid of new things especially if they mean more work. But if you’ll treat Facebook Ads as nice as you treat AdWords, it could your new friend helping you make people happy.

Let me know in comments if you see Facebook Ads similar to AdWords or you see big differences.

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