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Facebook&Instagram Advertising training

There are 9 million people in the UAE using Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. They are not only the most popular social networks but also one of the most important marketing channels for businesses of all sizes. Both Facebook and Instagram allow everyone to reach their users via paid advertising. But how to do it right?

Facebook Advertising Workshop

That’s what this workshop is going to show you. Let’s meet in Dubai for few hours and cover the basic principles of Facebook Advertising for you to understand how does the system work, how to use it to its full potential, how to control cost and get maximum returns.

After this workshop, you will be able to launch your first ad on Facebook and know what to do to run advertising effectively. Disclaimer: You will not become a Paid social expert after 1 workshop. But I can guarantee you will learn the necessary basics you need to run ads in the right way. You won’t be looking 3 hours on static slides, most of the workshops will happen directly in Facebook’s interface for advertisers so you can get familiar with it.

And most importantly… we will tailor the workshop to your needs, vertical & company. During the practical part of the workshop, we can set up Facebook Business Manager, discuss the right targeting and structure for your company.

Suggested agenda:
(each workshop is personalized as per your needs)

  • Intro FB Ads
  • How does it work? Auction etc.
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Different campaign types
  • Ways of targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Reporting
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Fixing your challenges

Who is the right attendee?

  • Anyone who wants to start with Facebook Advertising and understand its basics. Digital Marketing specialists, Social Media specialists, Marketing managers, hands-on CxOs etc, entrepreneurs etc.
  • If you are already advanced advertiser, this workshop might be repetitive for you. We recommend booking 1:1 session for more advanced topics.

What should you know before the workshop?

How much is it?

  • $190 / hour   |   $360 / 2 hours   |   $500 / 3 hrs   |   $640 / 4 hrs   |   $750 / 5 hrs
  • The average length of this workshop is 3-5 hrs (will be confirmed after you share your requirements)

Who is the tutor of this workshop?

Lukas has been working with Facebook Ads over 7 years. He has managed campaigns for variety of clients from e-commerce, telco, real estate to B2B and lead generation. Last years he worked for a Facebook marketing partner, ROI Hunter, whos clients were Souq.com, Sivvi, Damac, Al Tayer and other regional brands.

Lukas has hosted over 100 Facebook ads trainings with one single goal in mind: to share all he knows about it.

Lukas has been recommended to me as a FB Ads specialist and I have to say that investing in individual training with him has been one of the best I’ve done in the last few years. He helped me very patiently in setting up the Business Manager, guided me through the Facebook Ads Manager, and on practical examples showed new possibilities for product ads. I was so excited that I spent whole Saturday working on it, and after adjusting it looks like FB ad performance is rapidly increasing. So I recommend, recommend and again recommend to go with Lukas. Tomas Hovorka, Triko4u.cz

How do I book it?

Fill in the form below or whatsapp me at +971 52 349 2487

Are you happy with the agenda or you want to edit something? Do you have one specific challenge you want to look at? Just let me know and we will figure it out.

Do you have any questions? Ping me at lukas@lukask.cz or via FB messenger.