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Huge numbers of conversions in your Facebook Reports? You’re not alone.

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Few weeks ago Facebook changed a small piece of reporting. This small change means that lot of advertisers are seeing huge numbers of conversions which don’t represent the number of your goal completitions. Here’s the way how to find numbers you are looking for.


What’s the issue?

Most of advertisers are using only default reports in Facebook Ads Manager. If your campaign objective is Website Conversion and you’re optimising for specific conversion based on new Audience Pixel you’re seeing huge number of conversions. First time you have seen it you oppened a bottle of champagne but than you discovered that it’s not a real number of conversion. I feel sorry for you. A lot of bottles of champagne died with no real reason.

Look at this picture: Do you see the Results? I got thousands of conversions in last 7 days! I have greater number of conversions than number of reached people in ad set #2! How good I am? No that’s not true.



All of these adsets have objective Website Conversion. And they’re working with the new Audience Pixel. What the results mean? It is counting all events from Audience Pixel as Purchase, Leads but also AddToCart or View Content.

How to find data you’re looking for?

And here’s the magic: you need to customize your report to see this particular events. How?

  1. Click to Columns: Performance


  1. Select Customize Columns (2nd from the bottom)
  2. Click to Website on the left and select all events you want. (by the way the right corner of this window is the place where you set up your attribution!)



And here we go.

You can see that most of this “Results” are comming from ViewContent and that’s the reason why I can have more Results then Reach. But these are not numbers you’re looking for if you are thinking about conversions. You want Purchases, Leads or something like this.



No panic needed. Audience pixel is working, you just need to know where to find data you want to see.

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Head of region - MEAA at ROI Hunter
After 3.5 years of building a successful freelance business, I moved to Dubai to find new challenges. I joined ROI Hunter - a SaaS platform helping e-commerce businesses advertise on Facebook as Account Manager. In 2017 I became responsible for the business in the region and since then, grew our team from 2 to 12 people and multiplied revenue several times. I have always loved sharing things, that's why I started YouTube channel WeSpeakDigital or facilitate coursed at the University of Dubai. Now, I want to get back to writing to share what I have learned on this amazing journey and practice my written "czenglish".
  • Carlos Medinilla

    Thanks Lukas, the reality is that a I got 2 subscriptors and 1 person sent the contact form, but even doing what you say, resports says that I have 8 subscriptors and 0 persons sent contact form

    • http://www.lukaskrejca.com Lukas Krejca

      Hi Carlos, what attribution do you use?

      • Carlos Medinilla

        Complete registration and Lead

        • http://www.lukaskrejca.com Lukas Krejca

          I mean what attribution window – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/304909959680406

          • Carlos Medinilla

            28 days

          • http://www.lukaskrejca.com Lukas Krejca

            Only post click?
            Maybe the pixel is not implemented correctly, hard to say from here

          • Carlos Medinilla

            The pixel implementation is really easy, I don’t think that’s the problem. Thanks anyway Lukas!

  • Temitayo

    Hi Lukas. can i explicitly specify that facebook only tracks purrchases and not visits as conversions ? when i run a website conversion ad my CPC shoot up and i get fewer clicks while still seeing conversions for website visits, the whole thing is getting quite frustrating. Please help.

    • http://www.lukaskrejca.com Lukas Krejca

      Hi Temitayo, you can’t specify one particular event as a conversion for reporting purposes. Therefore you’ve got several options to select in Ads Manager. I’m not sure what is your issue about, please try to explain it more (feel free to include screenshots here).