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PPC (Google AdWords) proffesional

Pay per click advertising is modern tool of performance marketing. Thanks to Google AdWords you can reach users in the decisive part of his buying proces. You can be no. 1 in Google search results in a minute and increase your profit in a while!

What is PPC advertising?

In search we call PPC advertising ads above or next to organic results. As you can see on the picture below (I was looking for real estates in Dubai), it could be placed above organic results or next to them.

You can choose specific keywords (terms people are searching for) which you want to advertise as well as the ad copy. This advertising is based on an auction where you can bid with your desired “cost-per-click”.

PPC ad example



What I like about PPC?

  • It’s perfectly targeted.
  • Geographical and language targeting.
  • You pay for click not for impression.
  • It’s fast – you can be on top position in 5 minutes.
  • Flexibility – you can edit your ad, bids or budget at any time.
  • Your ad is seen by users looking for your products. It’s much easier to push them to buy.
  • It’s perfectly measurable.


How does perfect PPC campaign look like?

  • It’s based on keyword research.
  • It’s divided into several campaigns and ad groups by relevancy.
  • It has great ad copies.
  • Most keywords are in exact match. Just a few in phrase or modified broad match.
  • It’s driven by a goal in meaning of conversions or ROI.
  • It’s beeing optimised regularly.

Google AdWords certified specialist

I have 5+ years experience in Google AdWords. I have created many succesful campaigns for my clients or own projects. My great skills were proved by Google official proffesional certification.

Google Partners Certificate Lukas Krejca

Google Partners Certificate Lukas Krejca

What can I do for you?

  • Build new PPC campaigns.
  • Regularly optimize it.
  • Audit your existing campaigns.
  • PPC Training for you or your employees.


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