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Why do you kill your PPC efforts with bad landing pages?

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There are many reasons why your campaign could fail. Wrong targeting, broad keyword matches, furious bidding, insufficient budget or boring ad copy. Beside of these we very often forget one underrated campaing killer: landing pages.

User coming from PPC is like a person entering your store with a sign in his hand “I want to buy THIS thing”. And your only task is to show THIS thing to him quickly and persuade him to buy. But what lot of PPC marketers do is sending this person around whole Dubai Mall saying “Welcome, I know what you want. But you have to find it by yourself”!


You need to understand the best PPC campaign can only be as effective as the page you are pointing to.

I tried to find flight tickets from Dubai to London. And I felt like this:


I found some great ads inviting me to websites offering flights to London.  AdWords keyword planner suggests me start with the bid of AED 27 (USD 7,35), that’s up to 1 % of flight ticket price. When you’re paying about AED 27 for every visitor you should try hard to open his wallet.

dubai london flights Google Search

As the first I clicked on Etihad’s ad. It’s really nice with all these extensions & promising WiFi on board. I landed into search form with destination city already filled. My first question was: If you can prefill target destination why you can’t prefill the city I want to travel from? I found one answer very quickly. Etihad has no flights from Dubai to London. If you want to travel between these hubs with Etihad you have to go by bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and afterwards you can fly. Sorry guys, even I love your ad I won’t travel 11 hours instead of 7. I don’t know the data but I’ll be surprised if this ad group performes well.


Ok, back to SERP. Let’s try it with Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic. One of his famous quotes is: “Business opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one coming”. And I think also places where you can buy flight ticket online are like buses these days. If I come to a website and don’t find there quickly what I am looking for, I hit back and try somewhere else. Just as I did at virgin.com. Yes, they remember that I want to travel from Dubai but they forget where I am going to. I love the tigers at least.


But I am sure that we are able to make better landing page than just search form. And I found one. When I clicked on British Airways’s ad I found myself on this amazing landing page! Not a dull search form but page where I can see what I want to see from the first headline.

Flights from Dubai to London Book London Flights British Airways

If I am ready to book now there is marked “BOOK” button poinitng to search form results with – yes, bingo – prefilled Dubai to London trip. But what is maybe more important, there is another great content for those who are not ready to buy now (they’re in the Think phase of STDC framework). You can find evrything you could need to know about DBX – LHR trips with BA: fares, information, travel classes, London weather (instead they can write only three words about this: “It is raining” :-)).

This is perfect example of landing page that can win you a championship. Try to impress your visitor like BA and do not make them feel like an idiot when you already paid AED 27 for their click.

Share your PPC landing pages with me in comments, folks

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